Summer Beach Getaway

Veranda View
Last year 2011 we have a beach getaway adventure in one of our island here. My son and I enjoyed so much the trip, because we both love the beach. No matter how far or how tiring we are, we would really like to go there and have our some splashing of water. 

Now 2012 the summer is just getting started, my son and I love to spend again our summer in the beach. But now we would like to have it in a different place and in different island. We are thinking on going to Camiguin Island, is another famous attraction beach resort here in big Mindanao Island. Just that we will be traveling about 10 hrs on the road and we would cross by boat from the main island to the next island.

Just thinking about the traveling my son really get excited about it. I just hope before we will have our trip, we will have a good health and budget for the said trip.

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