Fun Places to Go on Vacation with Children

When you're on a budget, plans for a vacation usually go on the back burner. Traveling is especially costly when you also have children. Not only are there expenses for air and/or car and hotel, there's also entertainment and food you have to factor for each person. Fortunately, there are places you can go that don't require emptying the entire savings bank account and that will still be fun for the entire family. Talk to a travel agent, or some with a hospitality management degree, to learn about more money saving tips for a family vacation.

There are plenty of places within the United States suitable for a vacation with children and adults. Some places to consider include:

Orlando, Florida

Yes, this is where Disney theme parks are located, which means high admissions fees – nearly $100 per person, per park, but surrounding Disney theme parks, there are many affordable places to enjoy as well.
There's Downtown Disney, which is made up of three main points: Pleasure Island, the West Side and the Marketplace. Enjoy the restaurants, such as T-Rex, which has prehistoric surroundings. It's in many ways similar to the Rainforest Cafe, but with a dinosaur theme. There's the LEGO store with sculptures around and within it, including “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Woody from “Toy Story” and many other figures. They also have play areas where children can sit down and build away with LEGO pieces. Adults and children can enjoy Downtown Disney with the various shops available to pick up Disney souvenirs. There's also free shuttle boats that brings people between each main point – a fun ride itself. Orlando is also where you can visit entertainment sites such as WonderWorks, Gatorland and Titanic The Experience. They are all reasonably priced and can take up half the day to the whole day to experience.

At WonderWorks, your world is turned upside down, which is apparent from its exterior with the roof of the building to the ground. Children and adults can enjoy interactive exhibits from how it feels to be in a hurricane and earthquake to the chance to lie on a bed of nails. Gatorland is an entire alligator theme park. Titanic The Experience brings you a realistic experience as a passenger on the Titanic. It has rooms of the Titanic recreated to full scale so that you truly experience its grandeur.

Washington, D.C. (and Surrounding Area)

A visit here is a chance to help children learn about America's history and the governance behind the country. It also offers grand architecture and numerous museums, several of which you can get in for free. Head on over with children to get a view of the White House, the National Mall, and monuments and memorials remembering the people that matter in our history. Toward the end of March, cherry blossoms are also in full bloom. Stop by and celebrate the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. If your family has a love for animals, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is a must. It is made up of 163 acres of land and you can find special animals such as pandas, lemurs, apes, and more. Taking a vacation is not only a chance to build family time and to bond with the ones you care about, but a chance to continue to learn and experience things outside of your everyday life. It can be particularly beneficial for early childhood development. The more children are exposed to, the more they can learn. Regardless of where you go for a vacation, there is always a sense of excitement and release. It is a chance to be pampered and be treated with good hospitality while you are away from home.


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i've always wanted to take my kids somewhere for vacation..

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