Divine Mercy Festival

Its a promise that I want to keep and keeping that promises here I am participating in this most awaited event of my life. I tagged along with my son, good thing my son is so participative enough as long as he has foods with him. The foods is just  bribe that I can give to my son, for him to follow and obey me.

We got to the Divine Mercy Shrine Hills, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We asked for the scheduled activities to the usher and headed right away for the confession. After the confession we sit back and waited for the six o'clock Holy Mass. The Gospel  reading is about "Thomas the Doubted", the Archbishop from Bukidnon gave us a remarkable homily which all of us devotees to a saint inspired to continue and spread the good news to everyone. 

After the Holy Mass my son and I stayed there and joined the vigil for the feast of our Divine Mercy. Even though the weather is not quite good, we still stayed in the Shrine Hills. We managed to have a place to sleep on, we used the chairs and put them all together for us to sleep. Then we woke up around 2:30 am because we joined the procession of Divine Mercy, followed by a Holy Mass the celebration of Divine Mercy Feast. 

The Holy Mass is about to end, and right in front of my very own eyes I witnessed this miraculous event. Just that the Archbishop about to bless all the petition and while the sun is rising, all of us saw this sun moving and looks like it is dancing. While it is rising it is shining differently, I got teary eyed when I saw that and on the other side there are 2 rainbows. I cant explain my feelings on that time but its really different and I know that the Lord is with us celebrating the Divine Mercy Feast. I am so thankful to witnessed the event but most especially joining and participating this wonderful event. 

I will talk and share more about this Dancing Sun, in my next post.

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