April Full of Blessings

Blessings that are coming from your Dear Almighty God. Blessings that we ought to need for us to continue living in our lives. Simple blessings that we sometimes forgot to thank our God, we sometimes let the day end without thanking our God.

I've just read from a post when I do my usual blog hopping. I was touched of that simple letter coming from someone. She said: A simple thank you would be enough for us to receive another blessings, we sometimes think that we are the most unluckiest person in the whole world. But we didn't look up to what we have received. Just like a house that shelter us from coldness during night time, we are not aware that there are millions of people sleeping on the street with a piece of cartoon to cover themselves. If it rains they would just run to a bridge to protect them from getting wet. We sleep on a comfortable bed that we can lay comfortably our back. But we are not aware that we have lots of brothers and sisters who are contented on sleeping on the sand or cement.

With all these simple blessings, its a good habit that we have to thank our God for all the blessings we have received. From the time that we open our eyes, all we have to do is just utter the word "THANK YOU LORD" would be enough.

But for this month, "THANK YOU LORD" is just not enough words to thank the Lord for all he has done to me. For I not only received the biggest and wonderful gift in the world. He has all done really good to me, he guide me and opened my eyes for the path that I am going to take.

Now, as I am ready to embark this mission. He makes me ready without any grudges and doubtful here in my heart. With this peaceful living, I can say that I am more than happy to any millionaire on earth. For I am living in a peaceful life and with the guidance of our Almighty God.

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