Its Complicated -- Recent Status

To have an update of my recent status, its complicated to discuss and to know about it. In the most common status in a relationship in a social networking we have single, in relationship with and the most intriguing its complicated.

Dont be intrigue of why my status is complicated, its just how it is. I dont want to assume that things are going good or bad, its just it is complicated. I guess it will make someone happy to see this as my status. I know she is having an eye dropping on my blog and maybe she is also reading and getting some information of how my life is going on right now.

Now that you have it, I am sure, you will tell him again and again and over again. I wish that you will stop ruining my life and stop interfering my life activities. My business is no longer your business and please stop messing my own business coz you are no longer helping me and it also doesn't makes me happy. Please put this in your mind and heart.

To you, have a peaceful celebration of this Heart's Day just like what I did. My family and I celebrated it with a simple and sumptuous dinner in a famous restaurant early afternoon. Then in the evening my friends and I have a dinner party on a yacht that travels around our island. Its a nice celebration for a complicated status.

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