Chill out with Harmony Swivel Chair

Doing your work for long time, you need something that you can sit on comfortably. This is what I've been looking since I started my work online. I have been sitting here for almost more than 6 hrs a day and sitting for that long it gives me pain on back and even on my lower back. Even if I put something on my back like some pillow to lean on, still it gives me back pain. Because of this, aside that my work is giving me stress, I am also much more stress because of this pain I am getting every time I am working and sitting for quite long time.

I dont want to be like this forever, I have to look for a resolution and get started before everything is too late. I keep on thinking getting some chairs that would make me comfortable sitting for long time. I look for this chairs that would fit my style, give me comfort and convenience. I look every where and keep on looking for what I need, I even disturb my aunt who is living on another city. I keep on asking her, if she could find someone to customize a swivel chair. Sad to say, my aunt dont know anyone who do this kind of job. I dont have any choice but to look online. I thought I could not find it here, but I am happy to see it online.

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