How to Give a Helping Hand This Holiday Season

Spending holidays with family is a tradition going back as far as holidays. However, lending a helping hand or giving is the theme of the holiday season. There are ways to do this outside of the family unit. Families can even participate in these activities together.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen during the holiday season helps ensure that families and individuals in need get to eat on the holidays. Volunteers can expect to either prepare food or serve it to a line of people in need of food. There is some labor involved, so dressing for food service is necessary.

The holiday season occurs at the same time it starts to get cold in many places. Collecting jackets, blankets, sweaters, warm socks, gloves and hats is a great way to lend a helping hand. Give the items collected to a homeless shelter so people on the streets can stay warm this holiday season.

During the holiday season, people can be seen collecting money for organizations outside of stores. Contact one of these organizations and volunteer time to collect for them. These people stand outside, so one should dress for the weather when volunteering.

Communities often come together during the holiday season to collect gifts for families who cannot afford them. It is possible to help with this on several levels -- collecting presents, wrapping presents and delivering presents are just a few of the ways one can help.

Hospitals, homeless shelters, family help organizations and children's services typically have holiday celebrations during the season. Contact such organizations and see what they need. It could be anything from someone to dress up as Santa Claus for children to someone to read to the sick.

A classic way to lend help to those in need during the holiday season is to give money. People who choose this route should check the credentials of the organizations they donate to, as some untrustworthy people play on the sympathies of givers while pocketing the money for themselves.

Collect food for local food pantries this holiday season so families can eat. Ask around for canned and boxed goods that are still within the use by dates. Deliver the food to food pantries. Alternatively, see if the food pantry needs volunteers to hand out or deliver food during the holiday season. Expect to be asked to behave with discretion and professionalism.

Doing anything to help others during the holiday season helps individuals, communities and society as a whole. It also promotes a habit of giving that can last throughout the year. It benefits the volunteer by helping them see the worth of their effort and it helps the recipients by reminding them that help is there for them.

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genny said...

what a noble act to help others in any ways..thanks for sharing...nice post..:-)

Claire said...

HI Lady,

Its very nice to share what you have during the season of giving. Lot's of love to share.

Happy Holidays.

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