Sunnyville School - On Leave

Starting August 1, 2011 I am on leave from the school that I am working at. I'll be on leave for more than 2 months for the preparations of another credentials that I would like to get and at the same time I need some concentration on the things that I am preparing now. Because of this I am away from my students for almost a month now and also away from the computer. I seldom go online and if I am online I just stay for a minute to check some emails and then out.

Since I am away from my students for almost a month now, I am missing them so much. I am missing their smile, laugh and very innocent faces. True enough, because I asked Teacher P the substitute teacher if they are looking for me? Guess what, yeahh they are looking for me. I did not have a goodbye hug and goodbye kiss for them, because I am thinking that after 2 months I'll be back in the school and do the usual routine. But I was wrong, I hope I have said goodbye to them and tell them that after a while I'll just come back. So that, they wont keep on looking for me and they wont miss me. I guess.

Hopefully by the 2nd week of September I can drop by and visit my little kids. I hope I could insert this visit in my schedules. Especially that by September I have to focus and really concentrate on my studies.

Nevertheless, this journey of mine I know God is with me and everything that I am working now I put God as my pedestal in every journey I have. This journey that I have now its not only for me but for my students and for my family. Its not my will byt God's will be done.

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Lainy said...

Ah. Kaya pala bihira tayong magkita online lately, Pretty Ada. Kumusta na? I miss being here.

Uy! Congratz! PR 2 na pala ang blog mo. That means more moolah :-)

Take care.


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