Nutrition Month in Sunnyville

On the month of July it is scheduled in our school year activity for Nutrition Month. Its a week long celebration, we teach the child the different foods and the classification. We always emphasize the eating of healthy foods, in our school for their snacks we always encourage them to eat healthy foods instead of the junks that can be easily buy outside.

Being healthy sometimes takes a lot of effort from the parents and guardians. It needs time for preparation. But in our program we show how simple it is to prepare Fruit shakes with tasty and mouth watering healthy foods. We also show them the easy steps to prepare the vegetables by washing it first then peeling it, after that we slice it and have it as our salads. Then I made some trick so that my little students would love to it the vegetables salad. After the tricks, they made to eat it and appreciate the vegetable salad. 

I am so happy to see them eating what we have prepared, aside from that this would also my last activity with them before I'll take my leave and I will be missing my little bubblebees.

In connection with preparing nutrition foods we need of more inspiration, sometimes I think about working towards a nutrition degree online, but I think it would be more fun to take online cooking classes!

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simply kim said...

that is just so nice! nowadays, it's really difficult to let kids eat veggies...

mind checking THIS OUT?

Edward Franklin said...

National Nutrition Month was the march which was very useful month for many peoples to diet and loss their fat and feeling healthy and fit. . .

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