I'll take this step to become a Teacher

Before I embark myself on becoming a Teacher. Everything has been already planned from the start. All the things that I need to do from that moment I enrolled its has been planned accordingly. After the careful planning and brainstorming I am here for implementation of this plan.

When I enrolled in Post Earning Units in Education last June 2010 I'll finish the units by October of 2011 then right after that, I need to take my Practice Teaching in November 2010 and finished it by April and Graduate.

After taking the units and graduated it has been planned that I need to take another step. This time I'll be in another level, fun is not part of it. There is no enjoyment, I have to take it seriously and manage my time accordingly. Its not a joke and its not funny anymore.

I’ll start this by next month, and by that time I’ll have few hours online because I need to focus and concentrate be in front of the book most of the time. With all of this, I’ll be asking a prayer and also I lift it to our Almighty God for me to be successful in what I am aiming for.

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Doreen McGettigan said...

I wish you the best of luck and will say prayers for your success!

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