Scholarship for my son

Before the school year started, I've been looking for ways that I could apply for the scholarship, not for me but for my son's education. I asked people that I know from the local government if they could provide scholarship for a grade school student. Unfortunately, according to them, they dont offer scholarship for grade school students. All their scholarship are only for high school students.

Luckily, when I inquired in their school. They told me about the PTA Scholarship and since I am really interested on it. I immediately comply all the requirements so that for my son to be able to get scholarship. After a month, I still did not see any progress. I went to the principal's office and follow up about the scholarship.

The principal just told me a very sad news, the PTA Board decided not to accept any other scholarships. When I heard the news, I feel bad and disappointed. But there is nothing I can do but accept it and look for another scholarship available.

This all makes me wonder if I should start getting all the information I
can about how to apply for student loans I have found Guide to Online Schools to also be helpful.

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