Acquittance with their Super Hero Costumes - Sunnyville

From the day that we started our class, our students has lots of activities that will lead to know their classmates and teachers. However after 3 weeks in school we prepared a program that will get to know them more.

Since our students are little kids, we think of something that would get their interest and attention. That is why we come of an idea about the wearing their Super Hero for the acquittance culmination. We also prepared a little program with games.

Our cute and handsome K1 and K2 students. With their Super Hero Costumes of their own choice

Then our lovable Nursery and Toddlers Students.

This is just the first School Activity for this year and there are lots more coming. Next is our Nutrition Month.

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Anji said...

They all look lovely. You don't seem to have many girls!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hi Anji... yeahh I only have 1 girl out of nine boys for nursery level. And 1 out of 3 boys for my K2 level.

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