A Teacher's Educational Philosophy

Education is for all, for rich or for poor, for young or old, for men or women, for fat or thin. This is what I believed, education should be given equally to all of us who come to school and has interest to learn and acquire new learning. This should not be treated as a privileged for the rich people only, but a right to every child and to every people.

According to them the best teacher is our experience, but in order for us to learn our experience we should be educated as well, for us to be educated with proper learning in life. Learning valuable things can be taught everywhere. However it’s only in school that you can acquire proper learning and proper education. Through our school community we can develop and enhance the different skills and talents. Through education we develop our own personality and character as a person which helps us understand our daily experiences and learning in life.

I therefore say, that education plays essential role in every person, because its only in education that we can attain the greatest success in life.

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joe said...
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ladyguinevere28 said...

thanks so much for your very nice words. I tried to visit your site but i could not comments there.. hope you come back.. take care

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