Korea Electronics Show 2011 - Korea’s Biggest Electronics Show

A must check on biggest electronics show for this 2011 year. If you are technology enthusiast this will be your chance to join and be part of this biggest show even. You will know a lot of things when in to comes to electronics products especially the Korean Electronics products.

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

As the technology evolves and develops from simple to a more complex technology. Korea Electronics Show products also transformed their products from simple technology to a more complex. This significant development of technology has increased the demands of Korean Electronic Products all over the world. In fact the Korean Electronic Products are ranked at the 4th in the world electronic production.

Korea Electronics Grand Fair – 2010

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

In the year 2010 KES displayed on global best – sellers including mobile phones, semi – conductors and displays along with convergence solutions such as fashion IT, medical IT, constructions IT, etc.

There’s a total 1, 823 representative buyers of IT industries from 23 nations such as Russia, China, and India participated in the show, as well as about 750 companies including Samsun Electronics, LG Electronics, Hynix, Taiyo, Yuden, Merck and others.

Aside the grand fair there are also various events were held together with the show such as APP World Expo, World 3D Expo, and Convergence Forum.

In the year 2011 over 1,000 companies from different countries will participate at the Korea Electronics Show. Korea's biggest electronics show, all the participants will present their major products such as cell phones, semiconductors, displays and etc. Also different kinds of convergence solutions will be presented such as digital kits, digital hospital, wearable computing and Green IT. Those presentations about convergence solutions will give CEO’s the insight of the future trends of the advanced technology and the global market.

42nd Korea Electronics Show 2011 Information

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

Theme : Be Smart
Duration of Exhibition
October 12 ( Day 1) 10:00am – 5:00pm Admission for visitors and buyers
October 12 – 13 Business Day
October 12 – 15 Public Day

Exhibition Contact Information
Tel : +82-2-6388-6062

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