Weekend: Pray and Love

Its weekend again, I dont know how am I going to spend this weekend without a little bucks from pocket. I should not be in this position, if only my student pays me on the due date. Sadly, its been 10 days already or should I say 11 days and she has not send the payment yet. I gave all the consideration and understanding, I did not expect she would do this to me. I cannot accept that she just forget it, where in fact I keeps on reminding her.

I just include her in my prayers that our Dear God would touch her heart and will send her payment anytime this day. I also pray that somehow my beau would contact me, I just miss him so much.

And viola, wish granted he just sent me message but we did not talk that much but at least he sent me messages I am contented knowing that he is in the safe place and doing great. That would be all for this saturday evening.. Enjoy the weekend guys..

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