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    The expressive beauty of women was given more emphasize when IFMANET  started it. IFMANET is the compound name if IF and Eduardo Manet a French Painter. When Manet was born he ordered to share ignite the beauty of women through cosmetics. With more color and implication to enhance more. It is with his creative and artistic imagination with nature of the natural beauty cosmetic.

    Introducing the new Magic Science BB Cream SPF 25 and its also known as Blemish Balm all in one Cosmetic Product from the world renowned vanity country Korea.  The Magic Science BB cream SPF 25 is a combination of all cosmetic products we are looking and using for: from liquid foundation to concealer and moisturizer to sun block and anti – aging cream. 

    Since it combines all the cosmetic products we need, we will have enough space in our bag for other important things. On top of it all, it offers main ingredients for us to look younger and fabulous beautiful. Once we continuously use BB cream it will help improve the texture of our skin and will fade acne scars.

    Main Ingredients of Magic Science BB Cream SPF 25:

    Hyakuenso Cactus (Anti – aging effect

    This ingredient will help anti – aging, cancer – fighting and moisturizing effects.

    Radix Polygoni Multifori (Irritation and Problematic Skin Inflammation)

    It has anti- inflammatory effects that protects skin from UV rays and eliminate active oxygen from skin surface.

    Rhus Javanica (soothes skin inflammation and gives natural glow)

    Smoothen our skin inflammation and give anti – aging effect because it contains 50-60% of tannin and have detoxification antibacterial effect.

    Rosemary (Skin Elastic)

    Gives blood circulation and relax muscles with the regeneration of skin cells and skin elasticity.

    Magic Effects of BB Cream SPF 25

    Its gives magic effects to our skin. The main purpose of the BB cream is for cosmetic base and liquid foundation and on top of that it has anti – wrinkle, UV protecting and whitening functions

    •   perform as cosmetic and liquid foundation
    • gives natural look that makes us younger
    •  perfectly cover up our under eye circles and other marks
    • controls the oiliness of the skin
    •  brightens skin and it looks like glowing
    •  lessen the wrinkles and damages
    •  protects from the sun ray and UV damages
    •       regenerate the skin and make it like the baby skin.
    Directions in using BB cream
    After your regular skin care, gently spread small amount of face. There is no need to add sun block or foundation because it gives all in one package.
    After application, the BB cream will magically combine into your natural skin color in just a second. Since it blends in to your natural color that will make you look elegant and fabulous.

    Other Skin Shop Products:

    Luminous Pure BB Cream SPF 45

    Its functions as a whitening cosmetics plus it also lessen our wrinkle. You can have it any of the day because it has a UV protection.

    Another factor that we need to take note is that it has a triple function BB cream, it makes dull skin into gleaming and blooming that has protection from the sun and any UV rays.

    Magic Bright BB Cream SPF 30

    This one is a multi-functional cosmetic product: it offer whitening for our skin, with wrinkle alleviation and it has an ultraviolet rays blocking effects to protect against hazardous external environment. That makes our skin clear and bright with natural effect of beauty.

    Multi One Stop BB Cream SPF 37

    It functions to cover the liver spots, freckles and other skin trouble naturally. That turns our skin bright.

    They also offers some recovery cream. You can check the website Skin Shop. You may also visit for some more information:

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    Lainy said...

    Have u tried this urself, Pretty Ada? Someone is convincing me kasi to get one kasi sobrang effective daw.

    ladyguinevere28 said...

    Most gorgeous ever Lainy, I haven't tried it, because of one reason my beau loves my dark and hot skin.. wahhh

    Lainy said...

    Hahahaha! Ok yan, hehehe!

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