Being Tagged: 10 Facts About Me

When I open my blooger account I received a message about I am being tagged. When I checked it, there is no link. So I need to check her profile and go over with her blogs. Only to realize that is really the plan, you bet sis, this is really exciting. So even if I only have few friends online, it would not stop me of joining this.

10 Facts About Me

  1. I was jobless for more than 2 years and got a job as a call center agent in Manila for PLDT. Stayed in Manila for more than 2 yrs. 
  2. During my stay in Manila and worked as a call center agent, I fan of wearing high heeled shoes and boots. That is why they keep on teasing me as Naomi Campbell (how I wish)
  3. I am crazy in the song "Half Crazy", in our office  I keep on playing the same song for 8 hours shift. But guess what, I still could not memorize the lyrics.. Duhhhh
  4. While I am working as a call center agent, in the same place I also meet my beau.
  5. But it did not turned out so well, because he also have an affair with my roomate and at the same time workmate.
  6. Because of that experience I need to move out in that place and be far away from them and keeping my silence for me to have peace.
  7. I am jobless again for 7 months, because I could not keep my feet stand because of that tragic experience. 
  8. After a while I got a job and stay focused, luckily I did. I also enrolled in another course to make my life busy at the same time productive. 
  9. Just this year I graduated and earned my 2nd degree.
  10. The last one I would not like to share, I would like to earn online. So I am taking every chances I have including that includes being an Online English Teacher for Koreans. So if you knew anyone, please refer me to them.
  I am just keeping it simple and short (K.I.S.S.) I dont want to elaborate and talk more. Well, that would be it for now. Now I am going to tagged my friends and get to know them more. I'll tagged Genny, Lainy, Verna, Tina, Anne.

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Lainy said...

Thanks for thinking about me, Ada Dearie. Been ages since I've been tagged.

I would love to accomplish this before the weekend is over. Will let you know once it's up and running.


Lainy said...

BTW, I just have to say the ex-beau doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone better.

hay! Ang hirap makahanap ng matino sa panahon ngayon. .1 in a million nalang ata, haha!

It's great to know some more personal stuffs about you, Sexy Ada.

MAy you have a fab weekend!

genny said...

thanks for tagging ads....btw, congrats sa ECPlaza, winner ka pala 4th prize.:-)

ladyguinevere28 said...

thank thank thank you so much geeelsss.

I just hope he'll change to be someone better that I deserve.


Thank you much...

Tetcha said...

It's really nice to learn new things about you. Thanks for visiting my food blog.

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