I miss you...

I miss you... I miss you.... I really do miss you... Until now I am still thinking why you have to leave me like that? Ohh why.. why.. I just hope you have given me enough days to do things right, before you have left me. But its all gone now and all I am left with just memories

Everyone thinking when am I going to replace you, when am I going to buy new one for my phone. But no, I am still waiting for miracles and impossible that the theft would return my phone back to me. Ohh..

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genny said...

wag na aasa ading...kanus-a pa man nahitabo ang kawatan giuli ang gikwat? aber?waaaa

buy new one instead.:-)

Lisa said...

Hi Guine, how are you? I have a tag for you and would love to get to know you more. :D

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