A contract signing with my Son

Its rainy days here in our place, so even if the weather is so cold and breezy outside that doesn't stop me being mad and furiously angry towards my son's attitude.

His habit of disregarding his assignments and neglecting in doing his own projects. He also writes terribly that he himself could no longer understand it. The worst thing is that he even doesn't know the names of his teachers in each subjects. All these things has add up to my disappointment of him, so even if the school year just started. I need to make things corrected and straighten it up.

Since I could no longer talk to him, because he just keeps on forgetting what we have discussed sometimes he would just deny what we have agreed on. I ended drafting a contract for all the things that we agreed on. Luckily enough, he also agrees as well as the punishment and rewards. I hope this will work out for the two of us.

I am not a strict parent, but with his being spoiled brat, I also need to exert a lot of effort for him to be a better man. We as a parent our main concern is for their brighter future, we could not let it go or ignore things that we know from the start will become a hindrance for their brighter future. So if there is a thing that we can do to make things better, we will do that. No matter what it is..

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genny said...

isoga sa mama oie. i am sure that will work, if not mickey is in big trouble.:-)

anne said...

sus gurl murag we're on the same boat jud, wala nuon koy contract akong puntirya kay baon wala kay baon pag mao ra ni ang score nimo sa school, para motagam whahh pero nuon siyay lunch hehehe

Mama Mia said...! More specifically, tweens and teens! I'm lucky that my daughter is still a toddler. I can still "manage" her. But it's a good thing you drafted that contract. If it's the only way to get through to him that you mean business, then so be it. Kids are different nowadays. They really test our boundaries. The trick is to only remind/ command something ONCE. Once you say it over and over, to them it registers as pangungulit and they WILL choose to ignore it. In your contract, he has no way out. So once lang sis. Then let him know what the consequences are. Be consistent. I repeat. Consequence not punishment. For example, no internet/computer, no TV, no telephone. Grounded. Everything he enjoys, you CAN and WILL take way if he doesn't pay attention to what you tell him ONCE. Kaya mo yan!

Good luck!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thank you soooo much... @ Mama Mia.. I hope consequence works for him, but I already did that still it did not work for him. Thank you so much sa Advice talaga.

@Anne lagi anne oi lisod kaayo pagamon ning bataa ni.. hasta kagahi og ulo jud.

@Genny.. kelangan jud nato isugan kung dili na.. matiguwang ko samot ani.

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