Yaya in need

As a busy working mom, and also always on the go. Once we step out in our house, our kids will be in charge with our yaya's that we hire to work for us. Unless, we are one of those people who are lucky enough to have their mother, mother - in - law or any sister who could keep an eye for our kids once they are out in their houses.

Yaya's maybe the very low rank in the society but if you are going to take a look at it. In every home, yaya's would be needed for the family to work out. Others says that yaya is also considered as part of the family.

Some problems that we encounter with yaya are:

  1. Love and affection. As we noticed our kids are more attached to their yaya's than us. Sometimes we felt bad as a parents.
  2. Yaya will just leave without asking any permission. That really makes us feel bad, because we just cant leave our children alone in our house. So everything will be in a great trouble.
  3. Proper Hygiene. There are some yaya's who dont care about their proper hygiene. We also need to tell them to keep proper hygiene because they are handling our kids as well.
Once we will have our new yaya's it would be advisable to train your yaya for the first week. Set the rules and lay all the things she needs to do in the house. In that way she will realized that she is dealing in a professional way.
  1. Cleanliness. This is the first thing that we need to discuss with our yaya, she needs to appear clean and keep herself clean all the time in handling our kids. 
  2. Foods. As you notice there are some yaya they also used the same spoon with the kids. That is really a no no no. 
  3. Basic Child Care. Yaya must at least have basic child care. If she doesn't have if would be better to give her books to read and if not teach her. 
  4. Discipline. In disciplining our kids it will be our responsibility not the yaya's responsibility. Better tell our yaya's that if our kids do anything bad they should let us know and we will be the one to take care of it. 
  5. Love your work. For them to grow in their work in they need to love it. 
It would be good to have a good relationship with our yaya to start with we need to apply our Golden Rule in reprimanding them. It must be in a calm way with all kindness and as much as possible keep it most private. Once you are done reprimanding them always ask their side if they have any suggestions or would like to say anything.

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