The Hell EX - BF is quite...

I am voicing out how terribly angry I am with this EX - BF of my friend. I am being vocal of how I feel, but he intent to stay quite and not to respond to my post. I am actually expecting that this would be the start of war between EX - BF and I. I am preparing and getting ready of what he is going to throw on me as an argument. But then, like what I said he intent to stay quite.

I wanted to hear his side, even if he doesn't owe an explanation to me. If he decided to keep his mouth shut, its your call. If you cant explain your side, then so be it. Just that once I close this argument I hope you wont just pop up and start your mouth talking.

For the last time, I dont want to hear anything from you. You cant offer friendship to the one you hurt so badly. Dont expect that my friend will be a friend of yours after this break up. God has a perfect plan for all of us. I also knows He would return favor to those who do badly to his fellow men. Enjoy the blessings from up above.

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Monika said...

Just browsing some of the blog hop blogs and I wanted to say hi! I will follow you as well. We also have a Facebook fan page at that you should check out! We always like and follow back, just leave us a note <3

Monika @ Aias Dot Ca

cajunlicious said...

Hi! Following you from the hoppin weekend blog hop! I Hope you visit my Cajun blog and return the follow!
- Jessica @

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I read your last post too. Cheaters are cheaters...Let them be with other cheaters...I am so sorry for you and your friend...So sorry.
I am following you!
Happy Memorial week end! I would love a follow back and a hi!

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