The Hell with you....

If you are going to take a look in the title itself you would really know how I feel right now. Yes, I am so mad so damn mad with one person and that is no other than the EX - BF of my friend. My friend and I have been friends for more than a decade now. I really care so much of her, I have lots of experiences that I dont want her to get into. I dont want her to be hurt as much as I am hurting, I dont want her to feel bad when the darkness comes in. We cared for each other, we give our shoulder for each other to cry on. One thing I can assure of, we are very opposite to each other but we are still friends out of that differences.

Now after a very long time she got a BF, she waited and prayed for this guy to come. My friend thought he is the answer of her prayers. But deep within me, I already have a hint that this guy wont do any good to my friend. I did not oppose, I just stay quite and let go of the things. Until one such atrocious day, the guy broke up with her. As a friend I was there to comfort her, I even offer we can go together and cry out loud until such pain will go away. But No, she handles it courageously. I admire her for that, so I told her and suggested to remove him from her list and put it in ignore list. I thought my friend listens but her love for this guy is so much because out of no where they are still talking. To make the long story short they become boyfriend and girlfriend again. My friend entrusted her heart to this guy for another chance. I am so mad, I questioned her all she could have answered because of LOVE.

I did not insist because I am also in the same situation. My boyfriend cheated and fooled me, but even though I still accepted him. Love conquers as they say. So I definitely understands why my friend did that. Just after a few months they broke up again. The guy just blurt it out " I am sorry Gen, I have found someone else". He just dump my friend without any hesitation, after all the chances that my friend given to him, after all the understandings and patience she have given. As easy as that to let go?

Then now, here comes the issue: As a friend I was also hurt of what this EX - BF did to my friend. According to this EX - BF its none of my business. I beg to disagree why its none of my business if I am hurt too? I maybe not the girlfriend but just a friend, I am also human who would try to defend and shelter my friend that is why I am hurt. So now this EX -BF is not going to take my crap out of me. He even threatens that if I do something mean he would also throw back what my BF and I happened. So now, after I trusted him of my problems he would used it against me. What a manly act? I know realized he isn't just a horrible monster person but he also doesn't have balls to stand on his own issue without even dragging others issues just to cover up what really happened. 

So to you EX - BF who doesn't even care just a bit for my friend and her family. Get lost ,there is no need for you to drag my issues because that is not the issue at all. The issue here,  is why you asked for another chance and you let my friend waited for you for that long and then you just dump her just like that? Then now you are saying because that is the truth? Why you have to make it this long? why you did not realized that long time ago, so that both of you save precious time to do other important things. You waited this long, because you think my friend would just gonna give up, but no she holds on to your promises. Instead you look for someone else and you crossed the line.

You know what I dont want to think that you got bored, then you look for some one who would spice up your internal organs. Is just so happened my friend is not that kind of girl. At the bottom line, I would still considered my friend is so lucky not to have you. Your not decent as she thought, your just another typical man who would look for something. 

And also, dont compare yourself to my man. Because your too much far away from him, he is just a human being who commits mistakes. The bright side of him, he admits his mistakes and he is sorry for that without any hesitation. He wont even drag any one just to cover his own mistakes. In short he knows how to handle his own mistakes and he do it just like a man.

As what you said " do not slam someone when your own house are not in order, do not throw stones when u live in a glass house"

I perfectly got your message, I stayed quite and keep my mouth shut because my friend asked me to do so. But no, I wont just gonna zipped my mouth after you said that. I maybe have a relationship that is not made in heaven, we maybe have mistakes and flaws but that is just part of a relationship to make it more stronger. One thing I can be proud of, we have weathered all the storm that comes in our way. Whether you throw stones and slam on me. I would definitely accept it for I know, the foundation I have is much stronger to conquer your stones.

And one more thing, the stones that I am throwing you now, are your own stones. Try to catch it, it may land on your house that made of glass. It may just break any time soon. Good luck

Just an additional EX - BF if you may want to comment please be sure not to drop names of persons who are not involve in our issues. Let's respect their privacy. I hope you would do care follow my rules. I am waiting for your comments.

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