Its really crisis.. no more opportunity

I never thought that blog would get affected with the crisis or recession. When recession hits in America blogging career was still in high peak. Opportunities was everywhere and every now and then I still could receive opportunity knowing my site at that time doesn't have PR. Even if it doesn't have PR I could still receive opportunity to write in any of the blog advertisers that I joined. I could still that I am lucky because I am still earning and would at least add to my savings or expenses.

When my site ranked in PR 2 I was so happy I am thinking that I could receive more opportunities to write and that would mean additional income. I am really so happy at that time. True enough opportunities coming in, so I am so busy filling up those opportunities for me to complete it. I thought it would take long so long I have my PR to keep. But I was wrong not long time ago the opportunities getting slow in coming until I no longer have opportunities to write for more than a month now. I am wondering why I did not receive any opportunities to write where in fact I still maintain my PR. I still have it in my site, I keep on updating my site every now and then and visit other blogs.

Ohhh... I hope this thing would put to an end. I hope and really crossed my fingers that sooner I'll be receiving opportunities to write more. I'll keep on praying to our Dear God.

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simply kim said...

we're all on the same boat, girl.. let's hope and pray together that things get better soon..

a visit from kimmy!

genny said...

count me in...praying too... keep the faith..all will get better soon ading.:-)

Lisa said...

Mine has become PR 2 even if I stopped blogging for almost 9 months due to pregnancy. Now, I wish for more additional income for my baby too. But, i find it difficult to stay longer on the computer when my baby cries. He's 3-months pa e.

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