SEAIR - Ordered by the Government to Stop Seat Sale

It is my daily routine to read the news online every morning. I was surprise when I read the news,
the Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board has ordered Singapore-based low-cost airline Tiger Airways to stop selling seats on its website for flights between Manila and two domestic routes for its local partner South East Asian Airlines, or SEAIR
What??? that is really my immediate response. Why? Is there any complaint coming from the passenger or what happened? I am really eager to know because I am really planning to have my vacation and I'll just take this airline because it is much cheaper compare to the other airlines and I can really save money. I continue reading and I find out that its not the passengers who complained but its the local airlines who filed the complaint against Tiger Airways and SEAIR

What ever the reasons they have, I am really dismayed of what had happened. It seems that our Airline Companies would like to manipulate and monopolize the Air Business. Isn't that is what business for competition, I am just having this thought that Big Airlines are somehow threaten because Tiger Airways and SEAIR is giving cheaper prices.

If I may just bring back the Telecommunication Company way way way back its only Globe and Smart who are competing to one another. But when Sun Cellular enters the field of Telecommunication and offering unlimited Talk and unlimited text. Smart and Globe also filed a complain but luckily the National Telecommunication Commission didn't approved it. Because Sun Cellular has the right to make their business strategy appealing to the consumer. But how come and why the Philippine Civil Aeronautics approved the complaint? Isn't the person incharge where given a bribe? If Cebu Pacific offering every Juan the chance to fly any where in the Philippines. I am confident that SEAIR offering the most affordable fare. They dont have much advertisement that is why they are not well known to everyone. I am too sad of how this event went out. I just hope that this will be lifted and sooner or later SEAIR will be back in business again.

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Taiga said...

i have to agree on this, when i read the whole post i was kind of disappointed because it sounds really unfair not only to the company being ordered to stop with the sale but also to the customers who was looking forward to their services :/

ladyguinevere28 said...

Exactly, the ordered was approved immediately. I guess it did not pass to any due process. So bad..

anne said...

May plano pa naman akong magpunta ng singapore sigh.

Nash Fernando said...

Aw talaga? It really smells like monopoly. I'm aware of SEAIR pero di ko alam na ang mura pala ng tix nila haha! I just checked it right after reading this hehe.. Grabe kakagulat! Kaya rin siguro mababa bigay nila kasi tipid sila sa commercials. Binabawi na lang sa pasahero hehe.. Good though.. :)

BTW, blog hopping from Adgitize

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