BC Bloggers Meme - How much time do you spend on Facebook?


To answer the question, I only spend on it for a few minutes.

I am just checking messages, I mean messages from my inbox. Then once I am done, I closed it immediately and do the things that I need to do. I have lots of things to do online, than spend my most precious time looking those pictures that my friends have. Although its really inviting but I really try to control myself. I have time in looking others pictures but not really most of the time.

For me its really good to spend my time in the most important things. Than spending it on Facebook. Although I heard stories from my friends that they are addict in FB and even could not complete the day without logging on FB. For me that is hilarious but really I dont want to be like them.

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Jill said...

Too much time! Doesn't facebook suck you in!

Hello from Cairns Australia- I am following from the blog hop.

Please drop by our family friendly site and let me know your thoughts on planking!!

Lainy said...

FB I believe was designed to make you poke your nose in other people's businesses, LOL! So it's up for us how to regulate our usage. I used to stick around and see other people's statuses but when I realized it's not a good thing to do, I log out as soon as I am done doing my stuffs. said...

I'm a new follower from the Follow Me Back Tuesday hop! Please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

Paula said...

I admire your self control. Time is really precious and we should use it to more important things. I hope pretty soon I'll be able to control myself and just log into my account once in a day.

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