Fear of Single Mom in raising teenage boy

Since I gave birth to my son, his father is no longer around. So I end up being single parent to my son. I have no question about it, I would not mind if I am alone in raising my son. I love my son very much, if the father have given up. Sorry but not me, so I could not give up being a mother to him and a father at the same time. I just take it all by myself in raising and providing for his needs with the support of my parents.

But now he is growing up and in a little while he will become teenager. So I really wonder how can I help him to be a man where in fact, I am not. I am concerned that he might dont know how to stand on his own feet. So no matter how hard I try to be a father to him that would be really impossible. I could not deny the fact, that he also needs a father figure or male role model. I began to worry and feared that I might not do as what the father can do to his son. For me not to worry this much I must do something as early as now.

Just a heads up for me, I need to know more so I started reading books that might help me and searching as well. Oh I dont have the info yet. I'll be posting if I already have some info. For now, I am really worried and concerned about it.

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kat said...

I so can relate...I have raised 2 boys, and there were times that they had questions that I couldn't answer. I just told them to ask their grandfather lol.

genny said...

kaya mo yan super mama ka eh. go go go.:-)

Lainy said...

Hi Ada!

I am all hats off to you for your strength. It's no easy feat to be a single parent. I know you're the best Mom that your son can ever have. Not too many mothers face the responsibility of motherhood with the same courage that you have. I know you can do it all.


ladyguinevere28 said...

Thanks Kat, yes that is really my concern. Questions that I could not answer and I dont know how he could find out the answer.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Genny and Lainy, thanks for the comments and support. Hope I could really do this one.

ManileƱa Mom said...

I know how you feel.
When my son started having and feeling changes in himself, physically, mentally and emotionally he did have so many questions and went through a great deal of identity crisis. I realized that I have to be true to myself that I am not a father, that I can only function as a mom but it does not limit me to give him advices on what my ideas are about manhood. I asked my guy friends and they were really a big help, they gave me ideas and advices. So far, I think he's alright now, he's still on the identity crisis stage but a parent support will balance the kids out. :)

el-JaNh said...

If u're a Believer, U caN do it. No fear..

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