Full of activities in the month of May

This month it started with an escapade of my classmates, we went out to some beaches near our city and we have fun so much fun. We enjoyed the white sand and the water. Although this escapade supposed to be attended by more than 30 attendees. Only 7 of us arrived in the said date.

Anyways, as long as we have so fun. Its not us who missed the fun but its them who did not enjoy the escapade.

After that escapade, the next activity I did was to linger in our house and school. This time I have a bigger challenge, because I'll be teaching a student on how to read. I know I can handle this, because I am fully equipped with the things that I needed to achieve my goal. Then at the same time, I need to help my son in his writing skills. His hand writing is really terrible, so I must do something for it to work out. I keep on motivating him, even if he keeps on disobeying me. I am just thankful that sometimes he would listen to me. Well at least I tried and hopefully it will continue until he would have a good hand writing.

After weeks of teaching, summer class just ended. Then enrollment is about to start. This would be another activity that I must attend to. We are all set and ready for the enrollment time. Hopefully it will go smoothly and peacefully.

I am glad to share my summer activity here. Although its not that exciting as it is, but at least it has sense. Anyways its really late and I need to go to sleep. Good night everyone.

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genny said...

very fruitful summer for you. :-)

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