ECPlaza on their 15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!
ECPlaza established on the year of 1996 a B2B business site, through the years ECPlaza has grown bigger and become No. 1 Trade Leader providing on and offline services to over 1, 000, 000 members all over the world. Their services is based on export marketing, where in its not limited to operating not only global B2B trade e-marketplace, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) service, trade consulting but also they extend their services to offline trade – related services for them to accommodate small and medium enterprises.

Since they have worldwide network and contact, they extend their business field to the global market by providing great value that includes more business opportunities, cost saving and convenience for all businessmen.

ECPlaza B2B Trade Marketplace gives opportunities for all manufacturers and the wholesalers, including the sellers and buyers to meet and trade the products that they are producing. It would a great opportunity for those who own a company and produces raw materials then later export it to another country.

ECPlaza has over 4 million trade offers are posted in their website, it has the largest scale in the world. To measure the popularity of the website it is listed on the top level of several famous ranking sites such as Alexa Rank Site they have at least 1100 sites linking, Rankey, 100 HOT and other ranking sites.

For those who would like to do business globally you may start your business by becoming a member of the online B2B market, by first having a free membership:

Benefits of Free Membership:

  • You can get your own website for free, where you can add your company profile, products and trade leads for free.
  • You can receive buyers and suppliers inquiries from all over the world. You can reach out to thousands or prospects trade partners from around the world.
  • You can contact your future partner through live messenger service available by using the PC080 messenger to contact your trade partners in real time and maybe close deals on the faster mode.
  • You can receive updated information, by receiving trade alerts with the latest trade leads for new buyers daily or weekly.

And the amazing thing is that a Free Member can enjoy this basic service of ECPlaza. There is nothing to worry about, you can start with a free membership and later on, when the need arises that you need more services then you can upgrade to Premium Memberships – Yes Silver or Yes Gold.

Benefits of Yes Silver

  • You can create your premium homepage with the use of dynamic editing tools. You have the control to make your homepage more attractive to your buyers.
  • You can post 200 selling leads and products which will be listed in Priority listing in buyers’ search results. It can be seen and search globally.
  • You can input up to 5 keywords when posting about products and selling leads which means that you can get better search result. Keywords are helpful to be notice right away.
  • You can have unlimited access to all buyer contact details and also exclusive 2.5 million global buyer data base.
  • You can get free online banner advertisements by just using the ad service points credited on activation of YES Silver account. In every business, banner advertisement is one of a marketing strategy to attract buyers and gained more customers.
  • You can create a high – quality business proposal easily. Proposal is another strategy to make your business grow and bigger.
  • You can have a Company Verification Service. This will imply to other businessmen that your company is legally authenticated and verified which gives more trust to your potential buyers.

Benefits of YES Gold

Having YES Gold membership is the most advanced premium service they have. It includes all of YES Silver services. It aims to lead your global business to success with the powerful overseas marketing service including online and offline support.

  • You can post up to 1,000 selling leads and products with TOP – LEVEL Priority Listing in buyers’ search result. Your products will be given a top level priority search result. That is remarkable.
  • You can input up to 10 keywords when posting about your products and selling leads which means that you can get better search result. Having 10 keywords in your products would lead you to success.
  • You can get free online banner advertisements by using the ad service points credited on activation of YES Gold account. You will have more points credited than the YES Silver account.
  • You can have e-Book Type Catalog (up to 12 pages). It will be convenient for the future buyer to look up your products.
  • You can have a promotion service with your products in various trade magazines which will be distributed to major trade shows around the world.

Having all of these benefits I am sure that your business is on the right track to become success. It’s time to start business with them for your business to be noticeable not only locally but globally.

Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity to expand your business internationally and meet your right buyers through ECPlaza!

So my fellow, visitors, droppers, commentators, readers and friends if you dream big then don’t waste any minute and start your account now at ( If you want to get more information you can visit and get in touch with them through the following Social Media.

ECPlaza Official Facebook Page:

ECPlaza Official Twitter:

ECPlaza Official LinkedIn Company Page:

ECPlaza Official YouTube Channel:

My dear friends just like me who keeps on dreaming becoming big. If you own a company or if you are selling products and you wanted to be popular not just in your place but also international. You may want to give it a try, check their sites and learn more about their services that they can offer for you to become bigger and successful in your business.

At any rate I would like to congratulate for 15th Anniversary of ECPlaza for doing a great job and aiming their goal in the Global online B2B Trade Marketplace. ECPlaza would not reach the remarkable 15 years of service if they did not satisfy their members. ECPlaza offers benefits that would make your business be prominent in the field of business industry. Because of their great encouragement and commitment to make the business of each member success they stayed in the field with great recognition. Once again, congratulations for establishing this great business opportunity. It is a job well done. Kudos!.

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