Being a Brat and becoming a big Boy

I am a single parent of 9 yrs old boy. My son is really growing fast and its seems its just yesterday that I am carrying him and teaching him how to walk on his own. The days really gone so fast, I can say that I did not enjoy so much of his childhood. I feel that if only I could turn back the hands of clock and enjoy every moment that I have with him. Ohhh.. I just shrugged my shoulder and sigh on it.

After teaching him how to walk on his own when he was toddler. Nowadays I must teach him how to stand on his own being a big boy. I would start by, letting him sleep alone in his own room. Ohh yeah, he is 9 yrs old and he still sleeps with his grandparents. Here in the Philippines, we used to sleep with our parents even when we are still young. Until we grows up and reach our elementary level we still sleep with them. I remember before, I only sleep alone in my own room when I reach my 3rd year high school. But No No, I would not let that happen to my son, he is a boy and later on he will be a man that needs to stand on his own feet.

After a long conversation with my son and with my parents. Finally, my son will be sleeping alone in his own room. I am really thankful, that my parents are really cooperative when it comes to this issue. I hope it will be a good training for son to grow up a responsible man. I'll keep on monitoring him until he gets used of it.

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anne said...

Well he will get used to it girl, just give him some time.

ladyguinevere28 said...

I just hope ann... thanks for the comment..

genny said...

may pa mickey naa own room, ako wa jud.wahhhhh
parang kailan lang talaga nong makita ko yan baby pa, karon motupong na nako.wahhhh

ladyguinevere28 said...

naa man ka imoha room di ba? dili lang motupong nimo, dako pa sa imoha berang.. wahhhhh

Bambie dear ★ said...

I can relate :) i never slept alone when still i was in Pinas.

Goodluck to your boy :) im sure he'll get use to it eventually

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