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I've been a member here long time ago with the Mom Bloggers Club. Joining every group that really interest me is what I am doing in this group. Then visiting and subscribing to the blogs that really catches my interest. Just today, when I opened my email I've a got message coming from Paula, then I immediately open and wow I will surely join this meme. For this week meme here is the question:

What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?

And for my answer here it is:

I already have this blog in the year 2009, but I dont concentrate and spend some time in my blogging. At that time I am not really aware of PR or visitors and pageviews or backlinks. So I was informed that in order for me to have opportunity to write I need to have PR. Gosh, so I started from scratch visits and comments and be friendly with other bloggers. But guess what its not enough, even if I spent more than 8 hours and commenting and visiting to other bloggers. I still did not achieve what I want. I got discourage and depressed of what had happened. So I stopped blogging.

It was just recently February 2011 when I got back to my feet and started blogging again. Since I knew that I need to work on my PR, I started joing meme, blog hopping and commenting to blogs that has higher PR. I even exchange link for me to work on my backlinks and studying the CEO and everything. Guess what after a month I earned my PR from PR 0 to PR 2. Isn't that great? Well its not easy, but it pays all the effort I done.

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*josie* said...

hi Guinevere, thanks for taking time to visit my blog, nice to hear from you.. fr.BC Bloggers

Momma Helps

kha said...

Hi ladygunivere,

I also wanted to win back my PR but I am having a hard time maintaining my blog..But this time that I am not working I 'll make it sure to join BC Bloggers again..

btw thanks for leaving footprints on my blog.. I lurve it.. I am now new follower..

ManileƱa Mom said...

learning seo was a little confusing for me and it was too arduous because i keep a lot of blogs and then i started re-writing all my tagalog posts etc so i can gain a page ranking and yeah the visits and the backlinks. :)

Bam said...

Yes, blogging is hard work but the payoff is really rewarding.
Check out this week's meme at!

CO_MtnMom said...

Nice tip!

Nice post!

Dropping in with the 'Alexa Hop' - got my Alexa toolbar all fired up ... clicked another page on your site, to register the hit.

I have a new(ish) blog, please check it out if you get a chance! Thanks :)

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