Pain of Broken Heart

A lady is crying quietly in the dark, she keeps on weeping. She just cried quietly, while lying on her bed. She keeps on staring at the ceiling looking for an answer as if she could find it there. These happened continuously for a day, a week and a month. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and crying is her channel to mend her broken heart.

She wanted to let go and move on with her life. Every time she tries to forget she just keeps on remembering the love they shared, the promises they build and the life they wanted to be with one anther forever. Tears will just come out and fall on her cheeks, because all those things are now just part of her dream and hoping one day it will come true. But no, it’s just one of her broken dreams.

She could not deny the pain that she is going through, but still she keeps on admitting that her heart still beats for her boyfriend. She’d given all, all the best things she could offer. All what she did was just to love her boyfriend more than anything else, thinking that if she gives all the love, their relationship might work out for the good of both of them. However it turns out differently, she thought she give enough love for him. But this is what she gets pain, tears and rejection. In the quest of love nothing is certain if only one partner have the desire to work it out. It takes two tangos, to make things possible. If things are no longer certain for both of you, it’s better to get out in that relationship and have yourself break and think for yourself alone.

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