Number Plates for the New Car

My dad is planning to buy a new car for the family. Once I will have my license and everything, I’ll be the one driving this new car that my dad is planning to buy. Anyways since we are planning to buy a new car, I am also thinking of having my own plate number. The one cherished number plates, it would be combination of my name and number 143. For me its sound cool and very personalized. My dad is just laughing at me when I told him about my plans. He said I could not do such thing because the plate numbers are coded to the city where I register the car. It’s the strategy of our certain transportation office to identify the car which it belongs, by just merely looking at the plate numbers.

Somehow I got disappointed of what I have found out, but there is nothing I can do. I need to abide and uphold the rules all the time. Then I must follow it, I no longer have the control in that field. So I just shrug my shoulder and just did not bother to insist again. However my dad, add more. I can only do that if I am willing to pay more. I just smile and said I don’t want to pay more, I’ll just follow the government rules.

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