Reading your Future

Another activity that my aunt and I went into is Fortune Teller. Well, this is not new to me, because when I was in my teenage years I am reading the future through cards. I am not well trained, as I am just looking for some points and what does it mean. but that is long long time ago.

Anyways just to cut the story short, I keep on convincing my aunt to go to the fortune teller. I dont feel good and there is something that haunting me. Just to feel settled of what I feel. I think there is a need to go to the fortune teller. This is not me, but I dont know what is going on with my mind I am thinking that there is a need to go in the Fortune Teller. When we arrived in the Fortune Teller's place she is just resting, I feel that she in good mood. She welcomed us and invited us to go inside the room and start the card reading.

Its my aunt's turn first, I was just sitting there and listening to the reading. Observing of how does the card reading went on. When its my turn to read the cards, I am really thrilled and very much nervous at that time. Its not my first time, but why I feel nervousness inside in me. Am I afraid of what the Fortune Teller will read on my cards? Is there something to worry about? Nevertheless I know I am ready what ever the cards will turn out.

When the reading went on, my nervousness started to settle down. When the Fortune Teller asked me to wish. She told me its "NO", blagh, ouch! My wish is not granted. No wonder why I am so nervous at first. Because my wish would determine my future, I hope to do all my very best just pass the examination that I am planning to take on. I am not relying my future to a Fortune Teller, this is just to make us aware but certainly they are just there to tell us what might happen. My faith is still with our Lord, He is the way of everything. So I lift if all up to the Lord, I know God is with me all the way I am going through. I know God will guide me with God's grace and by the glory of His name.

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