Floor Beautification

Having a cement floor without any tiles or cover from it, the coldness would go directly to your knees. I know its really uncomfortable for my parents, because they are getting old and they are prone to rheumatism. Because of this my parents decided to put back the carpet that we put aside. However when we got if from the storage room its no longer presentable. It look old and dirty, it has little scratches from the rat and roaches. When you look at them first it looks like a big rag.

We don’t have any choice but to look for a Carpet replacement, we decided to buy a new carpet for our living room because that’s the place where we usually stay and watch television. When my aunt find it out, she immediately informed us that she is selling her carpet. We thought that she is just making fun of us, then we find it out that she is really serious. She said she have an extra carpet and the new renter don’t want to used the carpet that is why she’s is going to sell. We are very much thankful; we did not exert any effort on looking for the replacement of our carpet. When we try to fit the carpet it really fits exactly in our floor. We did not let it go, we immediately bought it.

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