I finally got an update

Before I turned on the computer, I am already thinking of what topic to update in my blog. I have lots of things to say and share with my fellow dear readers. However I am holding on it, because I know there will be someone out there again spying my post. I know who you are and better stop using anonymous screen name. Stop disguising coz it won’t do any good, better yet show off yourself.

Anyways that is not my update for today, I have another thing. Its about my dear friend, we’ve been friends for more than a decade now. The only person whom I can share everything my ups and down and even my intimate moments with my beau she knows it. Although she would just giggle and smile, and could not say anything, I still continue sharing with her. I am comfortable in sharing things with her because I am rest assured that it will be kept secret.

While we are talking about her recent investment online, she keeps on saying that she is STUPID. I got irritated and annoyed with that word, because that is not true and its far beyond to the truth. I told her if she still keeps on saying it to herself I would stop talking with her. She said she will stop but once in a while she will still use it. Duhh, still the same, Friend I hope you’ll read this one. I am serious dead serious about it. This whole thing will end only if you will promise never, not even once to say that word again.

I hope… and my hope… thank you.

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genny said...

wow! ultimatum ba ito? okies my dear, I WONT AND WILL NEVER! THANKS. MUAH!

ladyguinevere28 said...

mwahhh.. asahan ko yan ha? thanks you

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