Failure Planning does not equate to STUPIDITY

Coming from the title itself, failure planning does not equate to stupidity. This is what I believe, because when you planned it involves your head and brainstorming with the factors that can affect your success or failure. I have not known anyone who planned and expect to fail at the end. All the plans we do, we expect it to be successful, right? However there are certain factors that fails our plan and we mistook to deal in the first hand. Also, there are things that can’t be controlled that lead us to failure. Such planning it needs to have a thorough investigation and meticulous eyes to look those things.

On the other hand, I don’t believe that once you failed in your plan you are already considered STUPID. Why would such things connect with stupidity? I would wonder why? Some persons once they failed, they always say to themselves they are stupid because the plans failed. They would even blame how stupid they are because the plans failed. Is that really so? There is something wrong with the plan, that might be reason why it fails. However once a plan failed, there is always a room for improvement, that’s what I believe. In contrast to stupidity, once you are stupid, you will be forever stupid and there is no room for any improvement.

Right now, right here. I would like that believe to end. If you think that there is a room for improvement in your plan. Then believe me you are not stupid. Don’t even curse yourself for being stupid, because you are not. If there is a chance to improve such plans, then go ahead. Instead of cursing yourself for being stupid, you are not. Not even a little.

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genny said...

nice post, tagus sa buto. hehehe

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