I am so so excited

Dear readers, you maybe wondering why I am so excited? What makes me excited? Who makes me excited? Is there anything else that makes me excited?

Well 3 days from now I'll marching for our graduation. A big smile and grin from my face, when I knew that I'll be graduating. Finally, I am going to earned the credits for all the sacrifices and sufferings I have undergo as well as to my colleagues.

Everything that we went on, is not that easy. We are full time professional and have career from each field. But we still choose to enrolled this course and so determined to finish it. With all the requirements, portfolios, research, term papers, assignments and exams. We've made it all, we've surpassed another challenge in your life. Another quest that I can say, I made it! Thanks to you.

After graduation I'll be facing another quest in my life, the true big thing. This will determine the future I will undergo the next year. Hopefully with all God's grace things will be place in set according to our plans. Its not my will, but it is God's will be done.

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S-H-Y said...

WOW congrats girl, I am happy for is the beggining of your success..and goodluck!!

Gina Alfani said...

Congratulations and good luck with the next chapter of your life :)

simply kim said...

congratulations, girl! not just for your graduation, but for showing what you got even though things get so tough most of the times.. god luck!

genny said...

congrats ading...wish you all the happiness and success in life. God bless!:-)

visiting you from here:

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thank you so much girls... Can't say the right word. Thank you for everything.

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