Practice.. Practice...

Its a series of graduation activities that I'll talking and sharing here on my blog for this week. It maybe non sense for most of you, but for me as the author of this blog it plays a big part of my life. I am sharing every bits and pieces of it, because it tells the success or achievement I have.

Before we go on with the recessional march, we need to have practice first. Since we are not new with this and being hard headed students, my classmates and I decided to join the last practice which is going to be at the venue of our graduation day. Sometimes we also complain and disobey rules. Anyways before the practice started, we took some pictures and pictures and pictures. As if we wont get tired of taking pictures. I guess that's how we kept memories by looking at those pictures, every moment needs to be captured, for us there is something we are going to look back after years of being away from each other.

Just a glimpse of practice and picture taking moments. We are so much happy to feel the moment of graduating again. Even though this is not our first time to graduate and even if this is the second time. Still, if feels so different. Just cant explain the joy and happiness I have that time.

When the practice got started and when we entered in the convention that's the time we feel bad. The organizer asked us to fall in line in accordance to the program. But there is one teacher who insisted that we need to fall in line after the master's degree. We follow right away, in order for the practice to finish and we all go home. However, another teacher insisted that we should be transferred in another side because that's where we belong. The teacher keeps on reminding us that we need to be in that place to avoid chaos on graduation day. We follow and transferred to the place they told us. I thought everything is ok now, because that teacher is the one who told us to be transferred in another side. When the names being called now, when they knew that the sits are not enough for the masters. That the same teacher mentioned "that is what I am telling now", then she continue that we should follow instructions and listen to the persons in charge. We are all pissed off and get mad the way she treated us. One of my classmate stand up and calmly talked to her in front of all the graduating students. "Ma'am, in the first place we wont be here if you did not instructed us. We are just following your instructions, dont make us look so stupid in front of this graduating students. Because we are all professionals here and we dont deserve this kind of treatment".

After that few words of my classmates, she eventually say sorry to us. Then she mentioned that she did know where to classify our course. A teacher in the institution did not know what courses they are offering. What kind of teacher is that? Hhmmmppp... Then now for the third time we are transferred in the back and we are categorized that we belong to the undergraduates. Again, we complained and told them that we are no longer undergraduates, we already have our degree just that we are earning another degree. One of the teacher explained to us, that our course belongs to the undergraduate course. What ever... and we just shut up.

When the practiced finished we realized that it seems we are not part of the graduation, it seems that we are not welcomed and recognized by the organizer. We feel that we are gate crashers for this graduation program. It all started with big smile in our faces, then end with lots of criticisms and degradation from the part of the professors.

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Fe ( Winchester) said...

It seems that the teachers themselves are not sure how to go about organizing the whole thing. I do hope that it doesn't happen to every school activity.

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ladyguinevere28 said...

Yes, Maam Fe, we are all disappointed with how they act in our practice. All we did was just voiced out and good thing they still listen to us.

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