Yahoo - What a day for me?

Its Tuesday morning and I really did not expect this much. I am trying to meet both ends, because my salary its not enough to support the needs of my family. So I humbly asked God's helping hands to find me ways to earn more online. I just could not say more, it arrived just like magic.

First, I've been praying that someone would enroll in my class. In an instant a friend of mine called me and asked me to handle one students. She could not accept this student because of the early schedule class. I did not hesitate, I emailed the students right away and viola! She choose me to be her Online Teacher. Its definitely another way to earn online, and hopefully we will have fruitful and productive class. All I could say Thank you so much Lord.

Then, after having a trial class with her. I checked on my blog status request from another blog advertiser. The review status is Approved, wow a big yahoo for me. Its been more than a month that I keep on looking for ways to be approved. My friend and I keep on discussing about it. But here I am, bragging that my blog is already approved. Hopefully I will get more opportunity to write. But its a good start to be approved by this blog advertisers. Its again Thank you so much Lord.

With your helping hands of Lord, thank you for providing the best for us to survive. All praises is with you Oh, Lord.

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genny said...

hello hello, Amen to those blessings! sa ss ba ito adding?? congrats. way to go. aja!:-)

visiting you from here:

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