Bogus Account

While I was online and talking to my friend, a message box appear in front of me. I ignore it, because I know its just nothing a useless message. I even dont know who is it, but it keeps on popping up.

I read the message, and I was surprised with what this person says:

"You are scheduled to be sent a payment by the 30th of this month. If you're receiving a standard delivery check, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on your location. If you're using EFT or secured express delivery, your payment should arrive by the 5th of next month"

Wow, how I wish this one is true. If you are new to this thing, it could be really deceiving, you might also fall in their trick. And you will end up being fooled. A lot is doing that here on the internet. Even in the mobile phone, I remember before they keep on sending message informing you that you won on this lottery and you can claim your prize once you will deposit the bond amount in their bank account. Just wondering how come I won in the lottery where in fact I am not buying any tickets there. But my aunt was a victim of this modus operandi. We warned her not to do it, but she did not listen to us. She went ahead and deposited the said amount. When my aunt deposited, the person in-charge could not be contacted anymore.

My aunt was so devastated, when she realized that she was victimized by this modus operandi.

In handling things online or even personal, it would be much better if you are extra careful. Today trusting someone is not a good deal for everyone, better not to trust the persons around you. Even if you knew them by heart.

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