Finale – Graduation Day

This is the day I’ve been waiting for, marching and receiving the diploma. It’s another journey in my life that I can say I made it; it’s another success for me.

It feels that it’s just yesterday when I started this curriculum. I still remember it’s my beau who finds out about this teaching certification. I wasn’t aware that this university is offering this teaching course for 1 yr only, where in fact I came from this university. While my beau is a complete stranger in this city, although he keeps on bragging that he grew up to this city.

My journey of becoming a teacher is not an easy one; it took a lot of hardship and sacrifices. I need to attend in my work as an online teacher and after that I became a preschool teacher. Then I need to comply all the requirements set by the teacher. I am so lucky because my beau is always there to back me up and do the things I can no longer do. Nevertheless, I survived all the challenges and trials that come to my way with the untiring support of my family, classmates, friends and my beau.

I am commencing my true success of hardship. I can now say I made it, because I did not quit and I am a true winner. Just a mere diploma it made me says I am a true winner. If you want to win, you should not quit. Lesson learned

My classmates whom I have built friendship, our memories will be cherished forever. I can say Thank you Oh Lord, because you have blessed me with benevolent and sympathetic classmates who are always there. Although there are some who shattered my life a bit and somehow created resentment and I just ignore it.

A blessing truly come from up above, to our Almighty God thank you for making it happen. Another level that we are going to take on, graduating is not the end of our journey yet. This is just a start of another venture in life. As we take the journey of becoming a teacher may you guide us and enlighten the path that we are going through. Help us Oh Lord….

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