Love the Sunrise

Are you a morning person? Do you usually get up early in the morning? Do you love watching the sunrise? These are the few questions I’d like to ask for those who are a morning person. But for those who are not, I guess they would respond negatively to my questions. But somehow, I know even if others are not a morning person, there are things in the morning that they love to do. Like, walking or jogging, or maybe preparing breakfast and have coffee. But there are things that they neglect to see during morning time. The sunrise and midst of morning breeze, those things that I really love to enjoy during morning or maybe dawn.

Like the sunrise, the scrutiny when you see the rays of the sun. Its really amazing and so perfect for that day. But others opted to hate sunrise, especially those who would like to sleep more and longer. They tend to have Cheap Blinds just to cover the sunrise for them to sleep more. I could not blame them; I know sometimes in their life, they have appreciated the beauty of sunrise. They could not love it even more because of the things that they prioritize. What ever it is, sunrise for me is really the beauty in the morning that we need to check on and see for our own eyes. See yeah on the next sunrise everyone..

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Anji said...

I'm definately a morning person. my kitchen faces east so that I can watch the sunrise at breakfast time

Rhetoric Camel said...

I like mornings; not the mornings that I have to get up for work though. I have to get up at 5am, and that is WAY to early for someone who can never seem to fall asleep before midnight or 1am. 8am or later is a great time of morning.
I do love the sunrise though, but I've actually found myself enjoying it more when I stay awake long enough to see it rather than wake up to see it.

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