Professional Development Career Plan

Its been a while since my last post here, forgive me for I was busy complying all the requirements before graduating. But here I am would like to share a piece of what I am doing right now.

When I was young, I always act as a teacher to my playmates. I even used the stick of my mom to complete my act as a teacher. It is so funny because at that early age, I already developed the interest to become a teacher when I grow up. Little did I know I would end up being a teacher.

My journey of becoming a teacher has undergone a lot of trials and challenges. Instead of pursuing to be a directly as a teacher, I took up another course because I was influenced by my friends. It did not last long and I did not even success on that field.

Until a special someone influence me, encourage me and even supported me to pursue the field of teaching. As what everybody’s say no matter how long the journey you take, you still end up to the one where your heart belongs. I know that my heart belongs to teaching, so now I am taking the entire necessary course that I would need in order for me to become a full pledge teacher.

Being a Teacher, for me it’s not just a career that we are going to. It is our mission to mold the young minds to become a successful one. It is our mission to touch their brilliant minds and shape it to make a difference in a positive way. It is my desire to mold my students and making a difference in their community in every positive way.

After taking this course, my next move is to take my Licensure Examination for Teacher’s Board. Once, I’ve passed in my Teacher’s Board Examination, I would like to pursue a master’s degree of education, where in I will specialize in special education. Then, if I still have enough energy and enough money, I would like to take the highest education which is the doctorate program. All the plans that I have right now are challenging because it is not an easy road for me. I lifted it all to our Almighty God who is always there for me to guide me and give light to the pathways that I am going into right now. And only in His will that will be done.

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simply kim said...

CHEERS to the wonderful profession that is TEACHING...

Anne said...

I am sure you can do it girl just keep the faith

My Daily Mumbles

ladyguinevere28 said...

Kim and
Anne... Have Faith talaga...

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