A Big Surprise

I never had a time to share what had happened to me last week. Because its a surprise and everything went really fast. So here I am sharing this big blast surprise of mine. Even if my beau reprimanded me of not doing anything about it. But I just could not let it pass by without sharing bits and pieces of it. I hope he would not mind at all if I will just share a little thing about it. But before that, have you had a big surprise in your life? Do you like surprises? Would you get mad or angry to the person, if he/she would surprise?

Anyways, its been so long since my Beau and I had been in a long distance relationship, to be exact we are away for 1 yr, 1 month, 26 days, and 1 hr. Ohh well, every minute in an hour is really counted. Because for me, the day is really long if I am not with him. It seems that the earth is moving so slowly and time is not running fast. But it all ended when the clock strikes on the third month of the year. After all, it happened and I never expected it. Viola... surprise... I could not say anything I am speechless and YES I am really surprised of what he did.

Even its almost a week, until now, the feeling of being surprised still lingers in my nerves. For the time being, I'd like to share just that part only. I wanted to share more, but like what I've said my Beau dont like me to discuss more and detailed when it comes to blogging. I understand he is entitle in his own privacy. I'll just share some more in my incoming post. myspace graphic comments

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Soulful said...

wow! that really sounds exciting! by the way, yes, the story i featured in my blog SOULFUL (When Is Love Fair?) is a true story of one of my close friends. thanks for taking interest..

ladyguinevere28 said...

I just thought that its really a true story. its very interesting by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady: just a reminder Frank is my fiance so dont get too wishful again, it wont last

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