Goodbye to Sun Rays

Our house is not that big, however my room has 6 windows, its not that I am bragging about it. It’s really cool during night time because I am using fresh air, I’ll just have to open my window and there you are. I’ll have a free aircon coming from the breeze of the wind. So I really like it, but there is only one thing I hate it about it. Its really shiny and bright during morning time, I wanted to sleep more and stay until 11:00 a.m. on my bed. But I could not stand the rays of the sun that passing to my window and right to my eyes. I have no choice but to get up as early as 8:00 a.m.

I am thinking of looking for something to cover my window during morning time. The perfect curtain that would hinder the sun rays to come in to my room. I wanted to have the roller blinds. Its easy to just roll it up and down, I could lower the curtain anytime I want, without getting up or disturb my sleep. With the help of roller blinds, I can now stay on my bed and can get up anytime I want. This is so perfect for me. I cant wait to have my own roller blinds.

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