Wine Clubs

Drinking wine is not my thing, so I am not really craving for it during any celebration. But most people on the western side. Drinking wine is just like water to them. According to them, since its cold in their place they wanted something to warm up their body, wine and beer gives that. That is also what my aunt told me who lives in Switzerland, sometimes she would crave for wine during winter season because its really cold. So what about on the other side of the continent? Just like us, for me drinking wine is too expensive. Sometimes I would thought its only for elite and rich people who could afford buying a wine.

When I joined the Christmas reunion of my master’s classmates, one of my classmates bought a bottle of wine from wine clubs. At first I am hesitant to drink wine, but my classmate told me that I should try it and I should practice myself drinking wine. Because sooner or later I’ll indulge myself in the business arena and elite people and businessmen likes to drink wine. Then, I try to sip one and one more and another one more. Ohh well, if not because of my classmates I would not know that wine is really tasty. This is much better than beer.

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