Is love Cheesy and Mushy or Corny?

Whenever I am out, I would always see couples who are cheesy to one another, they are so PDA (public display of affection) in the public. I would find it a bit corny. As much as possible I would like to stay away from them. However, on the lighter note I would also see the reason why they are like that.

They are just expressing how they love one another, that is why they look cheesy and mushy but for me its a bit corny. Ohh well, as what they say all the love stories you hear they are all corny and its only your own love story that is not corny. Being unique to one another, I have my own special ways to express my love to my partner. It may be cheesy, mushy or corny in the eyes of the people. I really dont care, what I really do care is that my love ones will get my message in the exact content.

Being, cheesy and mushy and also corny is the sweetest gestures to express your love to your special one. I knew it, because I've been in that situation who is head over heels crazy to someone because of what they called LOVE.

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mjrodriguez said...

Exactly what I've been trying to tell my husband all these years. Doesn't matter if you appear corny or cheesy, at the end of the day, what matters is that your loved one appreciates and knows that you love them very much to have done those corny things. :-)

Happy GT!

Legal-Babe said...

It's cheesy, its mushy, and its corny all in one. Love does that to you. Although not everyone shows it, everyone feels it one way or another :)


genny said...

because we are in love it is easy to do those things without minding others who might see us. when kaya ako magka experience nyan? kaya ko kaya?hehehhee happy GT!

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thank you ladies for take time to share your thoughts about it. I really appreciate it, I really do.. I am counting on you.. Thank you muchhhhhhhh

anne said...

Because that's how love works hehehe visiting you back here

simply kim said...

right you are, girl!

Genejosh said...

tayo who enjoys being loved and be loved will pass through the stage of mushiness, cheesiness and being corny...those who don't understand this may haven't felt being in love :)

thanks for leaving your thoughts in my entry:)

lyzacruz88 said...

Thanks for dropping by...followed your blog :)

sHeNgKaY said...

hi guen!
singlemom? pareho tayo..

happy GT!

K said...

first off, hello and welcome to GT!

i would have to agree with what cindy (legal-babe) said. love does those things to you. if you're not one of those things at least a teensy tiny bit, then you're not in love. hee hee

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