Beau Crazy

I am not very much into sports, although I play some sports but not that much. However, my beau is a big fan of some sports. He even makes sure that he is always updated about the news when it comes to his favorite basketball. Well, I am not surprised about that, because most men really love basketball. So, I would not wonder why he likes basketball. What really makes me surprised is that he like the Monaco grand prix hospitality, he was actually influenced by his brother in law. They are both going out and following the grand pix. Sometimes they would arrange for some reservation in any of the packages.

Since I am new to these things, I keep on asking him a lot of things, which I am also thankful because he patiently explained it to me. Even if he keeps on explaining it to me, I would not really understand the point about this sports and really wonder why a lot of people would do such things. But in anyways, I still support him because I love him. At least it’s the sports that he is crazy about not girls. So I am still good and ok with this hobby that he is crazy about.

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genny said...

wow! same ta ug opp ads.wahhhh
mas wow lang imoha pagkasulat.
ulaw man ko sa akong english oie.

ladyguinevere28 said...

pag sure diha oi.. pareho lang ta mga novice ani sulat sulat..

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