Rainy Wednesday

I cant think of anything what to write on this cold wednesday. I will just share what happened on this cold and lazy Wednesday of mine. I woke up really tired, since I went to bed late because my big dogg. I felt so heavy and feeling of not going to work. But I still get up and get ready preparing in going to work.

When I arrived in the school, my co teacher told me that he will prepare an activity for the kids so that we will have the chance to discuss about the up coming commencement program for our students. I am so excited to inform him about the theater play that I am planning to do. He got some details and we had brain storm the entire theater. As early as today we already have picture out of what will happen. We have list and some dates to accomplish it. Through that list we will be guided on what to do for the entire remaining days of our school year.

Right after our meeting, I went ahead and supervise the activity of my students. It was perfectly done. After our class, I headed home because I wanted to get some sleep before going to another school. I ended up absent on that day, simply got lazy.

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