New Rustic Furniture

The closet of my son is almost falling apart. The doors of the cabinets are no longer there. Its gone and I don’t know where it is. I need to purchase another closet for my son, in order for his things to be organized and well arranged. I consult some of the carpenters near us on how much would it cost or what would be the design and the wood that they are going to built it. I am really particular of how long would last, if I will choose an expensive wood or would be ok to have another second standard wood, does it also last long. I am really particular for the longevity of our leather furniture. Because we invested so much for it, I wanted it to last long as well.

After knowing all those information now I am beginning to have second thought of buying furniture. But deep within me, I really like to have wood furniture for the closet of my son. I’ll just gonna ignore what the carpenter told me. I will still go on, in buying the furniture for my son. I will look around and check what else they have. I guess it would be also good to look at some antique shops.

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